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SuperDriftUK v2 Car Pack

SuperDriftUK v2 Car Pack
Category: Car Packs
  • Version: v2
  • Cars: 12 drift race cars
  • Class: Drift Car
  • Horsepower: 700 bhp

This is the second version of the SuperDriftUK car pack which contains 12 pro drift cars with an average of 700 bhp, The physics and tyres of this car are taken from the base VDC 3.0 public data, when we tried this car it felt good and easy to control.

This car pack contains 12 drift cars with a horsepower of around 700 bhp, the cars being referred to in this statement have been designed based on the current UK style comp cars and all of them run on 700hp. The creators of the cars express gratitude towards VDC for permitting the use of their 3.0 public data and 2.0 tyres.

SuperDriftUK Car Pack by Carvin - AC Drift Game
smashed out some sick livery Credit @Carvin#5357


The cars have been tested on lower temperatures than usual, and users are advised to refer to the car’s description for the recommended settings. The cars have excellent side-bite and can be easily adjusted for grip or looseness. They may not perform as well on longer/larger tracks as they were specifically designed for UK tracks. The creators encourage users to enjoy the cars and provide feedback on any issues noticed. The ASNG group and beta testers have contributed to the development and testing of the cars.

RECOMMENDED SERVER SETTINGS (has more variation is conditions then Solo mode)

  • Conditions –
  • Temperature – 18-22, Road – 20-24, Wind – 2.5km/h NNE, Weather FX – Broken clouds
  • Time – 13:00, Dynamic track – off
  • Rules –
  • ABS – OFF, TC – OFF, Fuel rate,Damage,Tyre wear – all 0%
  • All assist off. No tyre blankets


  • Conditions –
  • Temperature – 18, Time – 13:00 , Weather – Broken clouds, Track – Optimum
  • Rules –
  • All assist off. No tyre blankets

Credits: SuperDriftUK 
Physics – VDC 3.0 public data – Chris wiltowski
Tyres – VDC 2.0 – Chris wiltowski
Model – High Dimensions x Carvin, MNBA x Carvin (kit- Forza) (stroms – Navi), Kunos x Carvin (kit – Forza) (wheels – 59North website), Craven/Kami base x carvin (Works wheels – Squiff#4226), High Dimensions x Carvin (Front bumer and sideskirts – @jmd_moto)
Tyre model – Jokah designs
Liverys – H.#1203

SuperDriftUK v2 Car Pack Specs


Car Pack SUPERDRIFTUK BMW 135 - 709 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK BMW E36 - 700 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK BMW E46 - 704 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK BMW E92 - 704 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK CORVETTE C6 - 710 bhp (Left Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK NISSAN 180SX - 702 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK NISSAN PS13 - 709 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK NISSAN S14 - 709 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK NISSAN S15 - 709 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK NISSAN SKYLINE R33 - 708 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK TOYOTA GT86 - 702 bhp (Right Steering)
SUPERDRIFTUK TOYOTA JZX100 - 709 bhp (Right Steering)

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