Assetto Corsa Beginners Guide

The following is a tutorial or guide for drifting with Assetto Corsa on PC/Windows, in addition to the Assetto Corsa game software, DLC Japanese Pack, Launcher Content Manager.

You also need other supporting hardware such as Steering Wheel PC (We recommend for beginners to use Belt Driven Wheels such as products from Thrusmaster T300, in addition to having smoother force feedback at a more affordable price), sim racing rig (if you like DIY, you can make it yourself using wood, iron, aluminum, some even make it using PVC pipes), besides that, it is also equipped with add-on shifters and handbrakes.

and don’t forget to turn off the assist feature, because drifting doesn’t require all of these features. Here’s a guide to turning off assists in Assetto Corsa and also in the Content Manager launcher.

Turn Off Realism/Assists
Assetto Corsa
Turn-Off-Realism Assitst - Assetto Corsa

Content Manager
Turn Off Load Assists - Content Manager

1 First thing first

A After you have successfully installed Assetto Corsa on Steam, you must also download and install the Assetto Corsa DLC (Downloadable Content) – Japanese Pack so that car mods can run.

Assetto Corsa - Japanese Pack (DLC)

How To Install Assetto Corsa Mods?
1. Download the Assetto Corsa mods (car or tracks) from our website.
2. Extract (zip/rar) the mod file and press copy.
3. Find the Steam icon on the player’s device.
4. Open Steam Go To Library (Home)
Right Click on the Assetto Corsa icon >> Manage >> Click Browse Local Files.
local files Assetto Corsa
or You can open Windows File Explorer Go to the main Assetto corsa folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa
5. Click the “content” folder. the addon content you grab goes in here (paste). Car mods go in the “cars” folder. and tracks go into the “tracks” folder.

Using the alternative launcher “Content Manager” not only makes it easy to install new mods but also has many features, extended AC settings, fast start, livery & weather editor, repair tools and others. That’s why we highly recommend installing this alternative launcher.

How To Install Assetto Corsa Mods with Content manager?
1. Open “Content Manager” app launcher
2. Drag & drop anywhere the zip file (your download Mod) into the Content Manager UI
3. Click Menu at the right top of content manager and click Install
Install mod - content manager
4. After the installation completed, you can click “remove completed” button
Success Install and remove completed - content manager
Voila!! Enjoy the mod
Setting Up Content Manager
For the next guide, we will use Content Manager (CM) as an alternative to the Assetto Corsa launcher app, if you haven’t used CM yet, we recommend installing it immediately so that you can match the appearance of the setup with the guide below.

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  1. Buongiorno,volevo chiedere :
    É davvero neccessario avere il “DLC Japanese pack” per le auto?
    Perché ho provato a scaricare il vostro “ACDFR 2022 PACK” ,io ovviamente non sono riuscito perché non ho Japanese pack.
    Quindi sono andato nel sito di vosan ,ho provato a scaricare un tracciato e il tracciato funziona;al quanto pare per scaricare le auto é proprio neccessario, ma funziona?


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