How to Install Assetto Corsa Track Mods | Complete Guide

Here is a complete guide on how to install track mods in Assetto Corsa easily and quickly. There are 2 ways, namely the manual way without Content Manager and using the Content Manager alternative launcher.

One of the points why this Assetto Corsa game is one of the best racing simulator games is because of the large availability of mods ranging from tracks, cars, graphics, car livery and so on for free, created by the community and modders so that this racing simulator game has many users, especially for drift competitions, Assetto Corsa is the top choice for racing simulator games.

Actually this method is not only a way to install tracks but you can use this method to install mods in assetto corsa, it’s just that for the manual method (copy and paste) the mod content is in a different folder, in this article it is in the tracks folder.

Where can I download Assetto Corsa track mods?

Before you can install track mods in Assetto Corsa, first download the Assetto Corsa mods you want to install on your computer. You can download track mods here.

How to Install Assetto Corsa Track Mods without Content Manager (Copy Paste Manual)

Step 1 – Once you have downloaded the track mods, extract or unzip the file.

Step 2 – Open the install location your Assetto Corsa, Launch Your Steam app, go to LIBRARY. Right Click on the Assetto Corsa icon >> Manage >> Click Browse Local Files.

or You can open Windows File Explorer Go to the main Assetto corsa folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

Step 3 – Go to Content > Tracks

Copy the track file you have downloaded and Paste it into the Assetto Corsa tracks folder.
Copy Paste File to Assetto Corsa Tracks folder

Voila! You have successfully installed the track mod

How to Install Assetto Corsa Track Mods with Content Manager (The Easiest way)

Step 1 – Open “Content Manager” app launcher
Step 2 – Drag & drop anywhere the zip file (your download Mod) into the Content Manager UI
Step 3 – Click Menu at the right top of content manager and click Install
Install mod - content manager

Step 4 – After the installation completed, you can click “remove completed” button
Success Install and remove completed - content manager

Voila!! Enjoy the track mod

In addition to the very easy mod installation process using Content Manager, the appearance and loading using the Assetto Corsa alternative launcher is simpler and faster. For those who have not used Content Manager, please download it here.

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