Best Beginner Drift Cars in Assetto Corsa

You’ve just started drifting in the Assetto Corsa simulator game and don’t know where to start? Before we start discussing the best beginner drift car in assetto corsa game, If you already understand and use the Assetto Corsa alternative launcher or Content Manager, then we assume you already understand how to install mods both drift cars and tracks.

The following are the best beginner drift cars in Assetto Corsa that we chose and also according to our experience learning drifting simulator assetto corsa.

1. Gravy Garage V2

This one car pack is mandatory for you to install in your content manager, this drift car is good for beginners to learn drift with 330-550 bhp Horsepower the car’s power is not too big and suitable for beginners, another reason is that many online servers use this car pack on the ADC Klutch Kickers track.

Gravy Garage - Car Pack Mods

Currently Gravy Garage’s V2 output has 19 drift cars with a range of 330 to 550 bhp, and our favorite is Joel’s Silvia S14, what’s your favorite car?

2. WDT Street Car Pack

WDT has a large collection of drift cars from Pro, winter drift packs to street car packs that are very suitable for entry level with horsepower that is not too large around 300 whp.

Nissan Silvia S14 WDT Street

WDT Street Car Pack in version 1.1 of 2020 has a choice of 11 drift cars that are fun and easy to drive, CToretto uses this car pack for his How To Drift Tutorial video (WDTS Silvia S14S14, WDTS JZX100 and Toyota Soarer).

3. TandoBuddies

Besides GravyGarage, TandoBuddies is also a very popular basic drift car for beginners who just want to start learning drifting in the simulator, this car pack is also widely used by online servers with Tamada sportland or drift playground tracks.

Tando Buddies Silvia S14 Zenki Stock Hood

TandoBuddies contains 16 drift cars with horsepower around 296 bhp, this car power is enough to learn drifting.

4. Excite! Car Pack

Excite is the fourth choice for beginner drift cars with horsepower in the 300s whp range, perfect for learning to drift on a touge track.

This car pack is made by a drift team from Japan, please download the Excite car pack here.

Excite Car Pack

5. Aussie Drift Co

The last is Aussie Drift Co, which has a large selection of drift cars and drift tracks, for beginners there is a choice of drift car pack ADC V2 – 300s and ADC 420 Pack, because the ADC mods file is too large, you can also choose individual cars that you can download one by one here.

Aussie Drift Co

From these five beginner drift car options, which one do you prefer?

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