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All in One Drift Cars Gravy Garage & WDTS

All in One Drift Cars Gravy Garage & WDTS
Category: Car Packs
  • Version: 1.0
  • Cars: 30 Drift Cars
  • Class: Drift Cars
  • Horsepower: 250 - 1200 HP

AIO Gravy & WDTS is a physically extended updated version of the Gravy Garage and WDTS car packs modded by Podcast Primate, They’ve introduced some fantastic improvements, particularly when it comes to physics. Now, three-wheeling has never been more thrilling!

They’ve also expanded the horsepower options, giving you four choices ranging from 250 to 1200. Whether you prefer a more modest ride or crave an adrenaline-pumping powerhouse, they’ve got you covered.

For those looking to compete or have fun drifting around with friends, they offer five different tire sets tailored for both competitions and casual drifting sessions. You’ll have the right grip for every occasion!

In the setting >> TYRES there’s option to select the drift class: Grassroot (250HP), Street (350HP), ProAm (600HP) and FD (1200 HP). There’s also tyres compound rain, scrubs, hard (250 HP), medium (350 HP) and soft (600 HP).

In addition to the performance enhancements, they’ve revamped the lights and added strobes, giving the vehicles a striking visual appeal. They’ve even incorporated new animations that allow you to slap doors and express your feelings with a cheeky middle finger gesture.

To further customize your ride, they offer three underglow options, letting you illuminate the road with style. And if you prefer a sleeker look, they provide the option to remove bumpers and wings.

For Extra option, Check you Assetto Corsa Control Settings, go to PATCH tab:


Hazards = Hazards
Red Underglow = Extra A
Green Underglow = Extra B
Green Strobe = Extra C
Blue Underglow = Extra D
White Strobe = Extra E
Bumper Removal = Extra F
Horn = Middle Finger Animation
Left Signal = Slap Door Animation

Here’s the exciting part: every extra button in the cars actually works! They’ve ensured that all the additional features and functions are fully operational, giving you a seamless and immersive driving experience.

And if you love tinkering with your vehicle, you’ll be thrilled to know that they offer multiple transmission options from every car pack available. This means you have the freedom to fine-tune your ride to your heart’s content.

So, whether you’re a speed enthusiast, a drifting aficionado, or someone who simply loves the thrill of customization, Gravy Garage and WDT Cars have truly outdone themselves with these amazing updates. Get ready to experience driving like never before!

Join Podcast Primate Server here: https://acstuff.ru/s/q:race/online/join?ip=

Credits: Podcast Primate

Gravy Garage – Credits In Car Descriptions
WDTS – Credits In Car Descriptions

Blaze (Smallhashbrown)
Strategic Civilian

All in One Drift Cars Gravy Garage & WDTS Specs


Car Pack - AIO - Mazda Miata 2015
- Toyota JZX90 - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan S13 - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan 200SX - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan S14 - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan S13 - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan 180SX - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan 180SX - AIO.Gravy
- Toyota AE86 - AIO.Gravy
- BMW E36 - AIO.Gravy
- BMW E36 - AIO.Gravy
- BMW E46 - AIO.Gravy
- Lexus GS300 - AIO.Gravy
- Toyota JZX100 - AIO.Gravy
- Toyota JZX90 - AIO.Gravy
- Mazda Miata - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan S13 - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan S13 - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan S14 - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan S14 - AIO.Gravy
- Nissan 180SX - AIO.WDT
- Nissan C33 - AIO.WDT
- Nissan S13 - AIO.WDT
- Nissan S14 - AIO.WDT
- Nissan R34 - AIO.WDT
- Nissan R32 - AIO.WDT
- Toyota AE86 - AIO.WDT
- Toyota JZX100 - AIO.WDT
- Toyota JZX90 - AIO.WDT
- Toyota Soarer - AIO.WDT

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